Outfit: Red Patent Leather Skirt

christmas-outfit-red-patent-leather-skirt-with-glitters-2-of-6 christmas-outfit-red-patent-leather-skirt-with-glitters-3-of-6 christmas-outfit-red-patent-leather-skirt-with-glitters-4-of-6 christmas-outfit-red-patent-leather-skirt-with-glitters-6-of-6
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time. Unfortunately I have been sick, had a fever and lay on the couch all sunday. Today I felt better and had a fun dinner with family and friends. Me and the girls decided to wear something red, but I didn’t had anything red in my closet. I bought this skirt at Zara which is probably on sale by now. I don’t know, the past weeks I’ve been feeling a bit off and I hope I will change sometime soon. Maybe I’m just ready for a new adventure again? I have nothing planned, so hey that might be it haha! I wish you all a wonderful week XO