Reminder: Don’t compare your life to someone’s highlight reel

9B9E3A17-DB02-4662-9F35-6CF0D9CA88E2Picture shot by lieke alblas


It has been awfully quiet around my blog. When I started blogging with OHMAYGOD in 2011, I wanted to share a lot of my interest, outfits and what I was up too almost every day. It has kept me busy, I made tons of new connections and got some friends out of it. My interest for photography grew and I just wanted to inspire people with my looks.

The thing what I have been noticing and which is why I am writing this post, is that even though we share things on social media, these are still the highlights of people’s life. Even around me, I see and hear people talking about other people about what they post on social media and they aren’t even big ”influencers”. But it is the way they share and perceive their lives on social media, when in real life it is nothing like that.

So what I am trying to say is, that I will be more careful about what I am posting about my personal life. It weirds me out that I share things and I don’t know who’s actually reading it. Maybe I am taking it too heavy, but I’ve seen it around me and I want to take a step back. It already has started with getting an extra instagram account, in case I still want to over-share, then I know who’s watching!  I will be still sharing outfits, travel- and sports experiences, but that will be mostly it!

Don’t forget when you get lost – it is only the highlight of people that you see on social media!!! It is such cliché but it is so true.

Lots of digital love send,