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Eng: I am not blessed with beautiful curls, my hair is flat as my body but that is okay. I am the last person you should ask for beauty advice, since I am always asking others on what I should use on my face, hair and anything related to that. But, however, I can say that I have enough experience with hair colouring to know what might and might not work for my own hair. I once saw a similar hair do on Angelica Blick and I’m obsessed with Val Mercado her curls. So I went on YouTube to see how to get these small curls and they were using some sticks, which I didn’t had at home. So I grabbed a chopstick and just did it my own way. It takes me 1 to 2 hours, which is surprising because I thought I didn’t had that much hair at all. But the trick is to use small amounts of hair to create these curls. The products that I used are linked and were a gift from John Beerens. Like I said, I am no beauty expert, so receiving these products made me a happy girl. Without further ado, here is how to create chopstick curls:

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