Eng: I am not blessed with beautiful curls, my hair is flat as my body but that is okay. I am the last person you should ask for beauty advice, since I am always asking others on what I should use on my face, hair and anything related to that. But, however, I can say that I have enough experience with hair colouring to know what might and might not work for my own hair. I once saw a similar hair do on Angelica Blick and I’m obsessed with Val Mercado her curls. So I went on YouTube to see how to get these small curls and they were using some sticks, which I didn’t had at home. So I grabbed a chopstick and just did it my own way. It takes me 1 to 2 hours, which is surprising because I thought I didn’t had that much hair at all. But the trick is to use small amounts of hair to create these curls. The products that I used are linked and were a gift from John Beerens. Like I said, I am no beauty expert, so receiving these products made me a happy girl. Without further ado, here is how to create chopstick curls:

Main products needed:
Chopstick from wood
Hair straightener

chopstick curls (1 of 13)
chopstick curls (2 of 13)
Since my hair is totally dead, destroyed and dry from the hair dye I am using the 2-phase thermo conditioner from Hair Doctor every day. I spray it before I use the hairdryer or straigthner.

chopstick curls (3 of 13)
chopstick curls (4 of 13)

My hair really needs all these products so after the spray I use argan oil for the ends of my hair. It smells so good.

chopstick curls (5 of 13)
Then the fun can begin! Important: SPRAY FIRST! then the curl last longer or it might go wrong like the picture below. I noticed that after two curls.

chopstick curls (10 of 13)
chopstick curls (6 of 13)
chopstick curls (7 of 13)

So spray first, then take a small string of hair and curl it around the chopstick. Just go up and down with the hair straightener and…
chopstick curls (8 of 13)Voila!

chopstick curls (9 of 13)

Spray a bit more afterwards

chopstick curls (11 of 13)Continue on and curl the ends a bit more when you’re done! I started from the bottom and worked my way up to the top.
chopstick curls (13 of 13)
There you have it, my take on small curls. Not perfect, but I think practice will make it better. Or i’ll just buy myself a waffle curler next time haha! Hope you liked this beauty post.

Full product list:
Hair straightener from Fripac Mondial Touch
2-Phase Conditioner from Hair Doctor
Arian Oil from Hair Doctor
Hair spray extra strong with argan oil from Hair Doctor