Personal: My 2016

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2016, 2016, let me start from the begin.

2015 was a crappy year full of personal challenges and heart breaks, so this year had to be a year of avoiding mistakes.

  • First it was time for a little retreat with Jennie to the USA. And oh boy, what a good time we had there at the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and LA. It was a chilled vacation and I’m happy to gain a new friend, one that I was going to spend more time with now and then.
  • I went to great events with my blog. For example I met two girls from the cast of Awkard and Faking It. I’ve became an Nelson Ambassador and went to the big Primark Amsterdam opening.
  • Talking about friends I have lost touch with some, because now I really know done is done. I’ve come to know new people and I treasure all these little moments with them, because maybe at some point I could call them my friends. You are who you are surrounding yourself with, so find good people who lift you up.
  • I started my new job where I have been feeling less stressed. You can say I’m a bit less of a mess 😉 I’m so thankful and greatful for this opportunity and hope to get the most out of this journey. So i’d like to thank my girlboss for believing in me.
  • My blog was hacked for a while which lead to me starting over with a clean slate. The sucky part is that I lost my visitors and all my previous updates. On the other hand it means I can now focus on better content again.
  • I also started good with working out but you know how that ends. Once there are more fun things to do like eating with friends. I will find the motivation to start again..
  • In the summer things got a little rough, ive seen someone passed away right in front of me. Yeah that was some heavy stuff. It reminded me of how life can be so fragile and unexpecting. These kinds of things are just never ending.
  • I went to Barcelona with Jennie and Wendy for a little getaway in the sun. That was really fun ❤
  • The MTV EMA’s were held in Rotterdam and it was obviously that I needed to go. So I went to the fan audition alone to score a red card carpet ticket for the show. It was one of these moments I felt proud I did something for myself without anyone else.

Did I avoid making mistakes? No, not at all, but I have learned from every choice I made.
So here we are today in 2017. This will be the year of just letting things go. I mean, what ever really happen nobody knows. All I know is that I need to find my inner peace and common ground. With the thought of that the best is yet to come, nothing can bring me down! 🙏

Thank you for reading my blog. These were just some of the points I wanted to share. I wish you all a happy and blessed new year filled with laughter and lots of love.