Start of 2018

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

Outfit from imagine by kim 

Every year I say the same thing: the year went by so fast! My 2017 had its ups and downs, but that is the same for everyone. I can only say that I have learned more about myself who I am as a person and the thing is… I still am and will my whole life. I can only reflect on the past events and take it with me from this moment on. I have learned to live a bit more in the now when it comes to certain things and I’ve become less of a controlling planner. My planner used to be scheduled with when I would meet up with friends and stuff. Now it’s all last minute and actually more fun like this. I also know now that I really suck at being in relationships, so I have to just  let it be, let it go and just focus on being happy with just me.

Sure there are plenty of things I can do better, but I just have to do it on my own pace. As long as I remind myself to be content with what I have now and know what I want to fulfill the gaps in mylife, everything will work out as I want.

I started my year with a good work trip to Paris and I can not tell you enough how blessed I am to have a job that I love. What I always wanted to do with blogging is to inspire people with my style and now I am doing it exactly but in a store.. in real life. I go on buying trips which let’s me co-decide what will be sold. So I am more focused on work now since it gives me so much more satisfaction to help customers to get an awesome outfit. I mean you know it yourself how a good outfit can give you such a confident boost! So I just wanted to give you guys a little update.. overall I am good. I really can’t complain and yeah…. thank you for reading this! If there is anything you ever want to know just hit me up in the DM or email!