One step at a time

happiness-in-little-things-1-of-2 happiness-in-little-things#ONMAYBODY: Top from Ladieslovebossy, Trousers from River Island (from years ago!), Choker from Pull & Bear, Hat from Zara (sale last season)


At one point everyone will ask the same question: ”What is the purpose of my life”. Think about that, that each and everyone has this same thought, but the awnsers won’t be the same. I could debate and talk about this whole life thing for hours. It seems tiring, but to me, it gives me perspective each time. I noticed that I really only have to focus on what I do and what I can do for the people around me first. There is purpose in every little thing that you decide or do in my opinion. Each choice has a certain outcome and that is how life just goes on and on. So strange when you think about it. Or not, I am an over thinker so maybe these thoughts are a bit new for you (i hope not). Anyways, besides all of that deep thinking – everything is fine 😉 Just wanted to share a thought with you!